Duo Esteso

clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, Seaboard® / Duo Ebano presents Duo Esteso project

‘Duo Esteso’ widens our traditional set up by introducing the bass clarinet and Seaboard ROLI (the most innovative electronic keyboard on the market), projecting our sound into a future where the electronic language is deeply interconnected with the acoustic world. Composers can broaden their creativity and our musical activities will be address to an audience that is more inclined towards experimentation and contemporary music.

The project features brand new compositions by Gerardo Gozzi, Bec Plexus, Boris Bezemer, Paolo Gorini e.o.

“Perché siamo come tronchi nella neve” by Luca Petracca
written and dedicated to Duo Ebano

“Perché siamo come tronchi nella neve” nasce da un breve racconto di Kafka; è un gioco di apparenze, figure solide e ombre, sonorità lontane che appaiono come ricordi confusi e suoni da un più concreto presente. Appena in superficie sembrano essere così diversi e lontani, ma in fondo in fondo è tutto solo apparenza.

“Perchè siamo come tronchi nella neve” is a composition born and influenced by a short text by Kafka. It’s about appearances and illusions; far and undefined sounds which appear like vague memories from the past, next to concrete, solid sounds. At first, superficially, they seem to be so different, but it’s just a wrong impression, after all they might be just alike.

Luca Petracca – www.lucapetracca.com

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Upcoming performances in The Netherlands:
24/03/2018 – 13:00 – Singel kerk – Amsterdam info
01/04/2018 – 15:00 – Stroomhuis – Neerijen info
22/04/2018 – 11:00 – Willem Twee Concertzaal – ‘s Hertogenbosch info

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